Foothills Academy, Inc.

Community Service

Foothills Academy strives to be an asset to the local and surrounding communities as such they are involved in many community service projects.  Foothills Academy staff and residents participate in the annual Lake Cumberland and Dale Hollow clean up initiatives to help pick up trash on the shoreline.  Foothills Academy also strives to help those that cannot help themselves, staff and residents have gone to the homes of the elderly and handicapped installing several wheelchair ramps, doing home maintenance and other things as needed.  Foothills Academy is also available to the community during natural disasters helping clean up.  After a tornado ravaged a local community in 2008, Foothills Academy staff and residents were there to help.  Foothills Academy has been recognized by the Lake Cumberland Clean up Association as an outstanding participant and has received several awards.  Foothills strives to foster a sense of pride and community service within the residents that will carry on outside Foothills when they get back to their home communities.

Contact Information

107 Foothills Academy Spur
Albany, KY 42602
Phone: (606) 387-4673
Fax: (606) 387-0783
GPS Address: Hayes Rd, Albany, KY 42602

36.753460, -85.207225