Foothills Academy, Inc.

Employment Opportunities

Foothills Academy, Inc., strives to locate, hire, train, and retain dedicated staff and counselors. We believe each person fulfills a unique and important role within our organization. To this end, we see many job applications and are very selective in our hiring process. We are looking for dedicated professionals to join us in making our Academy the best residential treatment facility in the State.

Job positions come open occasionally.  If you are interested in working with us, we recommend that if you contact the Human Resources department and keep an updated application and resume on file with us.

We have recently hired a treatment director, eight line staff, and a new counselor. We will be expanding our work force as the need arises.

For further assistance, feel free to contact our Human Resources department.

Contact Information

107 Foothills Academy Spur
Albany, KY 42602
Phone: (606) 387-4673
Fax: (606) 387-0783
GPS Address: Hayes Rd, Albany, KY 42602

36.753460, -85.207225