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Independent Living Skills

The Independent living skills taught at Foothills are about giving residents the tools and resources they need to transition smoothly back into their home and/or their community that will stick with them as they become adults.  Residents are given tools to help them learn the skills they need to eventually become independent and self-sufficient.  This is achieved by using the Ansell Casey Life Skills Curriculum that focuses on six different areas: Communication, daily living, community resources, self-care, social relationships and work life/study skills.

Through this study each resident is responsible for doing laundry, cleaning their cabin, taking part in physical training, and helping to maintain the beauty of the campus.  Additionally each Foothills Academy resident gets support to achieve educational goals whether it is a high school diploma, GED or preparing them for college.  While on campus they participate in vocational and job readiness activities that can empower them to one day get a job and ultimately figure out what their career goals are.  For students that are 16 years or older we also have the Chaffee independent living curriculum which upon completion each resident will receive a $250 stipend. We want each resident to be successful not only while they are here but when they leave as well.

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