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Unique Wood Working Project

Here at Foothills Academy we are making a difference in the lives of some of Kentucky’s at-risk youth.  While the reason why the young men are here maybe a similar the attention and therapy they receive is designed for each client.  One thing that each resident has an opportunity to take part in is the on campus wood working school.  The guys get experience working individually as well as part of a team.  Some times the 2 ways come together in a unique way.  Recently that happened as the guys designed a putt-putt course.

That’s right, a putt-putt course.  The guys had some designs to go by but were encouraged to come up with their own.  The group picked out the ones they liked and then the building projects began. It has been a wonderful experience for the to see the project go from blank boards to finished holes with obstacles and artificial turf.  The guys plan on installing all the holes in early fall and look forward to playing a full round of golf on campus.  Click here to see some some of the holes finished and being worked on.

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